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Mon Nov 17 22:15:50 PST 1997

Vanora Villon wrote:

>  Well, folks... what do you think? We don't have one nor do we really
> have any of our OWN sites. Sound like a good idea?

IIRC, various big baronies have at various times had various land funds. They
seem to come and go depending on how carefully the local treasurer earmarks the
funds and who is wearing the coronet - a big push to "help the land fund" will
sometimes lead to a treasurer finding old paperwork indicating what certain
donations were earmarked for.

> (I wish I could have seen the site His Grace described to me... a site
> that Trimaris might buy. Wish we had a place like that of our own,
> here!)

Where is "here", exactly? The problem with a kingdom-wide land fund has always
been that our kingdom sprawls too much. It is asking a little much for folks to
donate money/time/event receipts to buy and care for property that their group
cannot use, because it is 7 hours drive time away. And if we get multiple sites,
who gets one first? I like the idea in principle, but I think it should be
worked on at a local level. Note: I just remembered, Meridies had a land fund at
one time (the "Dukes in Jell-O" thing was to benefit the land fund, I think).
What ever became of that? As far as land area, they face the same problems we

> Let me know what you think, please.

As soon as I win the lottery, I'm going to buy at least 500 acres, build a
castle on it, and let the SCA use it for events. :)

> ~Lady Vanora~


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