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Tue Nov 18 06:52:14 PST 1997

Vicki Marsh said something that sounded like:
>>>  Another was, from what I partially saw, was that lots of judges seemed
>>>  to give verbal commentary and not written.
> The problem with written criticism is that, without the accompanying
> verbal clues inherent to a conversation, it is very easy to misunderstand
> the comments.  It is extremely easy to be in a hurry and write something
> very tactless without intending to.

Apparntely either I was misunderstood, or people grabbed onto this one
sentence with vigor. I am not trying to advocate that we only use
written commentary. I feel that we should sit and discuss things with
the judge and entraint. After all has been said and done, the judge
should write down what they feel was the highlights of the discussion.

I doubt everyone remembers what they were told, especially when there
were numerous people walking up and discussing the topics with them. As
well, remembering things as important as reference materials can be
near impossible.

That or maybe it's just me who is getting old and has a fuzzy memory.


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