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> Heilsa Good Cousin Aquilanne and all True Ansteorrans...
> Kief here...dabbling around in HL Lorraine's account.....again.

Amra blathering from here.
> **snipped**
> >> On the other
> >>  hand, other items had several pages of documentation 
> >>  regarding the topic at hand and was way too much 
> >>  information for some. (ie. me) I don't know
> >>  if this is done or possible, but I think it would 
> >>  be a good idea to give people guidelines for how to 
> >>  document what they are displaying.
> >Once again, this was just because we've not yet had a 
> >chance to standardize criteria yet, but we're working 
> >on it too! 
> Here's a (small) thought... What about two tier documentation? 
> A "short" form for general fast scan, and the "long" form for 
> depth and detailed perusal?

"Abstract" and "article" presentation format, IOW.
> <clipped>
> >>I just think the highlights of this should be written down.
> >Someone made a suggestion of writing down highlights 
> >during conversations with entrants (sorry, I don't 
> >remember who right now; who suggested it?); I
> >very much like this idea and will incorporate it next 
> >time I judge face-to-face. 

Or encourage the entrant to take notes as you are speaking, perhaps.
> Hmmmmm....what about a "Proceedings" as is done in Heraldic 
> and Scribes Symposia? Any research papers, excellent 
> documentation w/pictures, transcribed verbal notes, and 
> overall highlights of the different aspects of the
> competition.
As much as I love this concept otherwise, a few concerns: 
who edits? who puts up front money and benefits from any (paper)
profits? how is distribution handled for post-event compilations?

what are the reasonable limits on paper lengths (my "primary"
research paper is over 40 pages single-sided and still growing
currently, most of the usable extracts from it would be 10+ in
manuscript form)? 

how does the documentation with photos get replicated in usable /
non-muddy form (photocopies of color photos seldom satisfy...)?

Technical problems can no doubt be resolved one way or another.
Keeping the resultant document priced within reason could prove to
be a challenge.

> ~~trimmed~~
<and SNIPPED> 
> After reading many of the posts on K-A&S I feel that I 
> missed a really great event!
Sure sounds like it from my seat!

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