ANST - Kingdom A&S

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Mon Nov 17 13:15:07 PST 1997

I would like to thank the Barony of Bonwicke for hosting Kingdom A&S and 
the Laurels for all their hard work.  I enjoyed the event very much. 

I was very pleased with the written and verbal feedback I got from my 
judges. It was most helpful and encouraging and their suggestions for 
improvements were realistic, constructive and politely phrased.  I now 
know several ways I can improve my displays, my pottery and my cooking 
and this is wonderful! I had hoped for written comments from others as 
well as it would be a great help to me but hopefully I can remember their 
verbal comments and use it to improve.  This is the first time I have 
ever been to such an event and I was incredibly impressed. The displays 
many folks put on were stunning and the quality of work was absolutely 
amazing. I had no idea we had so many wonderful artisans working in so 
many different areas.  I know that this will be a must-do event for me 
from now on.

I was also incredibly impressed with the number of people from the Barony 
of Bryn Gwlad that participated in the contest and/or displays and their 
quality of work!  

Vivat Bryn Gwlad!!!

Baroness Clarissa di Firenze
Seneschal, Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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