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Tue Nov 18 11:22:07 PST 1997

Lee Forgue wrote:

> It depends on what you mean by "success".  I've been active with the West
> Kingdom Land Fund since before it separately incorporated as Kingdom
> Historical Trust Inc.  
> The amount of money we have raised currently stands at $230,000.  Even with
> the high price of land in California, we have found several pieces of land
> that were attractive, accessible, and affordable.  We were even within
> three days of closing escrow on one of them.
>(additional information on request -- I really don't want to
> regale the entire list with information of interest only to a few.)
snip again

Well, I for one would like to hear more, a lot more. I realize we are 
still just talking about things here, but I'd rather hear a lot more 
before we got active about this land stuff. Please tell more details.
Britta the Red
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