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Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Nov 18 05:00:06 PST 1997

Scot Eddy wrote:
> I know I would love to dance at events. Unfortunately I live a fair
> distance from most of my shire and my freetime is rare (surprise,
> surprise) Are there videos out there to learn dances from. Maybe
> they're not the best teachers, but I know I have "learned" several
> dances only to forget a few days later. Maybe videos could refresh
> what is taught at events. I for one would like to see a few more dance
> symposia.

Perhaps here is a small solution. It would require those organizing the
dancing at events to be a bit better organized.

The dance organizer simply plans ahead of time which dances will be done
(with some flexibility for requests, of course). Then s/he makes a
handout with a shorthand notation of how to do the dances. Here's an

  Rufty Tufty (Playford, 1651)
  For 2 couples, facing, proper.

  Meet a double and back, repeat.
  Chorus: Face partner. Set & turn single, repeat. Double away from
  other couple, turn, switching hands, and double back to place. All
  turn single. With corner, double away from partner and his/her
  corner, turn, switching hands, double back to place. All turn 

  Side right, then left.

  Arm right, then left.

Lots of dances will fit on a few pages in this format. If the dance
organizer could make a tape available with the music on it, then that
would be even better. Copyright makes this difficult, but perhaps some
copies of the tapes from the last 2 or 3 dance symposiums would serve. I
think the Kingdom still has some of these available.

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