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Galen W. Bevel galenbv at
Tue Nov 18 13:20:19 PST 1997

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> Donal wrote:
> > As soon as I win the lottery, I'm going to buy at least 500 acres,
> > build a castle on it, and let the SCA use it for events. :)
> OK, but I'm pretty sure the SCA insurance won't cover you if anything
> bad happens.  I believe it covers only the Corp. itself, the
> directors, and non-SCA property owners what rent stuff to the SCA.
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> Daniel de Lincoln
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True Daniel, but if things are still as they were when I was Kingdom
Seneschal, all he would have to do would be charge a nominal fee to the
SCA (I believe the amount is entirely up to him, but with our legal
system, who knows) as rent and he would gain coverage.

Graf Galen K.
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