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Ron Brooks ron.brooks at
Wed Nov 19 07:48:00 PST 1997

AA> My lady, Rhiannon Redwolf, noted that for about the same money as
AA> the down payment, we could buy the land alone. Improvements could
AA> then be funded later from events held at the primitive site. It
AA> wouldn't be suitable at first for events requiring an indoor venue,
AA> or for things in deep winter, but it would be as good as many sites
AA> the SCA uses now.

AA> We could pay as we go, without having to go into a great amount of
AA> debt.

AA> Guillaume

The very point I was about to make. We don't have to have it all at 
once. First the land, then the improvements. Out here many if not all of 
the sites have porta-potties rather than septic systems.

Bjorn Lochlannac
Barony of Bonwicke
Western Region
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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