ANST - Margrave/Vormund III

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Tue Nov 18 16:40:47 PST 1997

It's that shameless plug time of the year....

	This weekend, Nov. 21-23, Margrave/Vormund III will take place at 
Gnomon Vale, McAlester, OK. I realize there are three events this 
weekend (we're trying to get off this weekend as fast as we can!)
So, mainly, I speak to the Northern Region.
How many sites offer indoor, outdoor camping? That's right, pitch that 
pup right inside our spacious barns! Last year we had monsoon rains, 
and most gentles never got wet!  (Just that pesky dash to the privies, 
we're thinking about turning that into a competion)
Since we are such a small group, and only alive by the grace of the 
Barony of Weisenfueur, this is our third event. There are only two 
Margrave's running around out there! Two Vormunds, need I go on?
Where else can you find out more on the plagued frog? You will just 
have to come experience it. Then if you wish to steal the idea for 
your own, we shan't cry about it. 
Britta the Red
College of Gnomon Vale
The views expressed here are rarely my spouse's.
In fact, you can rightly assume my spouse probably
categorically disagrees with every statement
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