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Russell russmax at
Tue Nov 18 21:45:17 PST 1997

Tim Lozos wrote:
> Regarding land funds...
> >40 events/year at the site with an average of 250 people (optimistic?)
> >at $3/person would yield $30,000/year. That would be enough, but I am
> >probably being optimistic in thinking that any site would be used for 40
> >events/year.
> WOW! Forty events per year?? That's almost 1 a weekend. If we located the
> site, say in Shadowlands (about the most central city in the  D/FW, Houston,
> San Antonio triangle)  and ALL the groups in the triangle had  ALL their
> events on the site, I still dont see how we could have 40.
> That also doesnt count for contflicts on the schedule.
> I think , that unless the Kingdom is benifited by a generous lotto winner or
> the large estate of a deceased member (is that legal?), that a permanent
> Kingdom site is a bit of a pipe dream.
> timo
> darnedfashionablefeelprivaledgedtobealefty

I put pencil to paper and counted events of the groups in Central, Southern, &
Coastal regions, then I added in most of the Kingdom level events. It came out
to about 40 events per year. But all the groups would have to commit to using
the site, even if it isn't very convenient.

If we changed the fee from $3/head to $4/head then the number of events could
be dropped to 30. Also, the smaller number of events would still work if we
rented to other groups for 10 events per year.

As a reference, there is a Boy Scout camp up here that is more or less for
sale. It is the Will Rogers camp that Northkeep and Mooneschadowe use for
events--Crown Tourney was there. It has lots more land than we need (360
acres) and lots of improvements we don't need. (Swimming pool, ranger's house,
several cabins, etc.) They want over $1 million for it. We would be able to
lease it back to the boy scouts for their activities. Northkeep &
Mooneschadowe combined hold only 4 or 5 events per year on this site.

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