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>Instead of a Kingdom Land Fund for sites, might it not avoid a lot of 
>problems to have regional land funds. This way each region would be 
>responsible for there funds. 
>Perhaps a dollar per site fee at events toward the fund ?
>Bjorn Lochlannac
>Barony of Bonwicke
>Western Region
>Kingdom of Ansteorra

Ok, a couple of points here.  There have been several attempts to set up
"land funds" her in Ansteorra over the years.  In most cases they have died
before they really got going due to poor planning and/or apathy.  One plan
in the Northern Region (about 7 years ago) would have located south of
Namron and be accessible to Namron, Wiesenfeuer, and Eldern Hills.  It
figured on two major events per group per year and at least one Kingdom
event per year.  One of the reasons that it died was the availability of
the Camp Cimmaron site just north of Wiesenfeuer.  That site already has
all of the thing that we need and is usually available for our needs.  I
think that until there is a general lack of sites available to a large
section of the Kingdom the idea of a land fund is moot.  Not enough
pressure to make it happen.  Remember that even after you get the land you
still have to build all of the facilities.  Has anyone priced septic tank
systems lately or the cost to drill a water well?

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