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Wed Nov 19 13:20:55 PST 1997

"G" wrote:

>As I see it, fund-raisers and ear-marked donations are never going to
>get you there. (Unless someone like Lady Vanora wins the lottery and
>donates the money or the land.)

Hey now! That will be my "if I win the lottery promise #3"! (#1- buy my 
parents a house in a place of their choice; #2- make my knight a 
full-time knight (and if he wins, I'm a full-time squire)).  ;)

>So how would we get there, and would we
>want to?

That's one quetion I have asked of the chairman of Trimaris' land fund 
committee, Duke Baldar. I'm waiting for a responce and should have some 
ideas from him in the am.

>If we decide to really get serious about a land fund, then we would 
>to place a surcharge on all site fees (say $1), which would be sent to
>the Kingdom Treasurer to be placed in a special interest bearing
>Kingdom wide, there are about 100 events/year with an average 
>of about 200.  A $1 surcharge should net about $20,000/year.

Sounds good to me. That's how much Trimaris pulls in a year, on average.

>How much would we be spending? We want at least 40
>acres (a square 1/4 mile on each side) in a rural wooded area.>>>

Wise county has some really good places for some great prices. One of 
them is a girlscout camp I used to go to as a child... one that my baron 
asked my knight and me to look into as a possible new sight for some 
events. I'll look into it as a prospect for purchase to get a bearing on 
how much money we are looking at getting involved with if we decide to 
buy a site in this kingdom.

>Maybe someplace halfway between Steppes/Elfsea, Stargate,
>and Bryn Gwlad could be used that often, if all those groups in the
>Central, Southern & Coastal regions would commit to it.

I'm here in Elfsea... but don't forget about the north! Let's not make 
this too hard on OK.

 In general, if
>it's much more than three hours away from your group, it's too far to
>have your events there. 

I tend to disagree. I'm driving a four hour trip to vistit my lord on a 
frequent basis... no problem! When I was married, I drove from Arlington 
to Lackland AFB to see my husband every-other weekend... no problem! 
 Ansteorra is HUGE and it's always a healthy drive to get anywhere to an 
event. Driving is a major part of Ansteorran life!

>We could also rent the site out to other re-enactment and similar
>groups, if we are not fully using the site ourselves.

Sounds great! What groups do you have in mind?

>All my numbers are just guesses, so a more researched cost-analysis
>might give different results. 
>Guillaume de Troyes
>living in Mooneschadowe.

Thank you!

A' Votre Service, Ansteorra, 

~Lady Vanora Villon de Paris~
esquire to Viscount Galen of Bristol, 
lady of Sir Corwin von Xanten, 
Barony of Elfsea/ Anateorra*

"None but the brave deserves the fair."  -John Dryden

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