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Wed Nov 19 22:05:25 PST 1997

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 22:38:55 -0600, njones at wrote:

>Estrill mentioned:
>>      However, I was hoping for more entrants in the field of dancing. I
>> was looking forward to watching other dances and dancers and learning
>> from them.

Gio replied:

>Ah, under normal circumstances, I enjoy dancing, but my feet were too
>tired my brain was fried.  I had gone way past quirky and was well into
>weird by the time court was over.  
Wow! That explains why I don't dance! I start at weird. . .

When your frumenty gets that thin green border around the edge,
it's fimbriated. Don't eat fimbriated frumenty.
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