ANST - Don-ly service

James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Nov 12 20:10:49 PST 1997

> The White Scarves are the leaders of the rapier community, which is
> to say, they serve the rapier community. In the process of serving
> this community, they serve the SCA in general. But event hosting or
> A&S not related to rapier are not likely to be discussed at much
> length in a Circle of the White Scarves. It's not the appropriate
> place.

Quite so, thank you monsieur. While we do not favor candidates who
do not do service outside the rapier community, it is service and
devotion to the rapier community that makes one a candidate for a
White Scarf. Extensive service to the SCA at large makes one a
candidate for a Pelican. 

Don Doré
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