ANST - Picking a Royal Fight... at Stargate

Dickey, Stacy (DALLAS) Dickey at
Fri Nov 21 08:04:46 PST 1997

Greetings from Lady Vanora!

 Her Royal Majesty, Alianore, of Trimaris requested I ask those
Ansteorran fighters going to the Stargate Yule Revel to please bring
their armour. There isn't a bit of fighting that I know of scheduled,
but she is going to have her lord king bring his armour in hopes of him
having some good fights (yes, Timo... I'll "schedule" one for you).
 I hope you all get to meet our "enemy" king and queen, TRM Stromek and
Alianore, before the war. They are charming people and are looking
forward to having a good time at the yule revel and at Gulf Wars VII.
 If you wish to reply to me with any questions, please do so by
e-mailing me at  <dickey at>   
or at home at  <Vanora at>    .   (I'm not on the mailing list
at work.)

A' votre service, Ansteorra!

~Ldy Vanora Villon de Paris~
esquire to viscount Galen of Bristol, 
lady of Sir Corwin von Xanten, 
Teutonic Order of the Dragon -Atlantia,
Barony of Elfsea/ Ansteorra*

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