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>>> Lord Alexis La Bouche will be offered the White Belt at Coronation.
>>I hope you don't mind a nit-pick: a candidate is (should be) offered
>>induction into the Chivalry, and the candidate has a free choice of
>>the belt or the baldric (knighthood or Mastery of Arms, respectively).
>Yes, Ld Alexis was told he would be offered the belt and chain or baldric.
>However, in my happiness and haste in finding a phone and calling my lady
>wife with the news, all I could manage to blurt out was "They're gonna
>knight Alexis".  :-)
>I have been at five announcements and five knightings this reign; at each
>one, TRM's have most definitely offered both Knighthood or Master of Arms to
>the candidates. I am sure HRH Jean Richard (who was granted the boon of
>elevating Alexis by the King) will also honor Ld Alexis by giving him the

Gentlemen, I believe that you will find that the choice of Knight or Master
has always been offered in this Kingdom.  Sometimes the candidate is asked
privately before the public announcement or has indicated a choice to their
knight or to the Crown before the announcement is made.  In those cases
there may not be a public offering of belt or baldric, but the choice is
always offered.  

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