ANST - Margrave Vormund Tourney

E.Preston III & Shelly K. Walker wf3 at
Mon Nov 24 20:01:43 PST 1997

Thank you Jean-Paul for the lovely post here about our tourney.
For all who would know, Lord Owen ap Addean (a paragraph of other 
names) is the new Margrave of Gnomon Vale. If I'm not completely 
mistaken, this would be Lord Owen's first tourney win.
A wonderful time was had by all, and our heartfelt thanks to all who 
attended.If I weren't so tired, you'd be seeing many more gracious 
descriptions here.
Britta the Red
Seneschal, Gnomon Vale
The views expressed here are rarely my spouse's.
In fact, you can rightly assume my spouse probably
categorically disagrees with every statement
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