ANST - children's music

smithson smithson at
Sun Aug 2 21:50:07 PDT 1998

I would be extremely interested in childrens songs from the period.
I am trying to start a bardic guild up here in Emerald Keep and am 
having trouble finding songs with music, let alone songs for children.
Also, any ideas on childrens games would be good too. I'm jotting 
down ideas for a childrens guild so the kids will have something
period to learns while the adults are doing their thing.
				Lady Francesca di Angelo

> From: carol s somers <elianemn at>
> To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG
> Subject: Re: ANST - children's music
> Date: Sunday, August 02, 1998 7:42 AM
> It has so far been my experience that very little if anything was written
> specifically for children.....the attitude of the time being that
> children were simply small adults.  If I happen to run across anything, I
> will be sure to let you know though!
> Lady Eliane
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