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Mon Aug 3 10:06:44 PDT 1998

> Also, any ideas on childrens games would be good too. I'm jotting
> down ideas for a childrens guild so the kids will have something
> period to learns while the adults are doing their thing.
>                         Sincerely,
>                                 Lady Francesca di Angelo

You might find this file in the CHILDREN section of my Stefan's
Florilegium to be useful:

child-gam-msg     (40K)  9/ 5/97    Period and SCA children's games and 

These two files might be useful, although maybe more to parents than
to Ministers of Children:

dolls-msg         (32K)  8/11/97    Medieval fashion and toy dolls.
toys-msg          (68K)  8/18/97    Period and SCA toys.

There has been some conversation here recently about teenagers in the
SCA. This file might be useful depending on where you are setting your
age limits:

teenagers-msg     (27K)  7/23/98    Period and SCA teenagers. SCA activities.

These files in the PERFORMANCE ARTS section also might be adaptable to use
in children's activities:

puppets-msg       (18K) 10/31/97    Medieval puppets.
juggling-msg      (68K)  4/18/97    Jugglers in SCA and period.

Hope these can help get you started: My files can be found on the
web at:

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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