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Sat Aug 1 06:27:54 PDT 1998

Greetings Moriel!

> Just returned from the movies and saw EVER AFTER, A Cinderella Story. 
> know NOTHING about Renassiance clothing but the clothing in this movie
> was gorgeous!!! Some of the props were good too, I liked the horn
> drinking cups at the table setting. It is a very good movie to take the
> entire family to see...good story, sweet romance...Angelica Houston is
> marvelous as a "baddy" and Drew Barrymore is wonderful.

I second the recomendation.  I saw it last night.  It's not quite the "MTV" 
story that the TV trailers might suggest.  It's a delightful diversion.

Like any good fairy tale, it requires some suspension of disbelief, but it's 
quite enjoyable.  

Angelica Houston is wonderful, fabulous and incredible, of course.  Her best 
role since Morticia Addams. She is quite evil, yet manages to portray the 
character with a human side as well.  She brings some depth to the "wicked 
stepmother" that could very easily have just been a caricature.

I'm not really a costumer either, so I can't vouch for all the clothes, 
however, there were one or two mens outfits that were wonderfully done, and 
I could point to the paintings that they can be found in.

All in all, a good date movie.  


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