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Keith Hood keith_dell at
Sat Aug 1 13:49:46 PDT 1998

Those who are looking for a relatively cheap and easy way to upgrade 
your unit's firepower for the next war, here's a possible way.  Those of 
you who have built the real thing, please don't laugh:

I just got done posting an article to the web, about some ideas I used 
in building a "ballista" that uses surgical tubing.  Of course it's not 
a real ballista since it doesn't use torsion, but it will throw a GT 
bolt far enough to be useful and it sort of looks like a ballista from 
20 yards.  Most of the parts can be found at any lumber store and it's 
relatively cheap.

Anyone interested can find the article at this URL:

I would welcome any useful ideas on how to improve the design.  I am 
slowly working on a ballista using genuine torsion, but in the meantime 
I'm trying to knock out a number of these things.

I'll apologize to the list moderator for this paragraph because I may be 
stepping on some rules.  Here's another idea:  if there is anybody in 
Ansteorra who would like to see about getting one or more of these 
weapons for the Gulf War but you don't have the time or resources to 
build them, let me know and I'll arm you.  Contact me through this 
mailing list, and we can then talk in private to work out terms.  I'm 
pretty flexible and I want to see us bury Trimaris under golf tube bolts 
next year.

Build arrows (and bigger missiles).  Shoot Trimarans.


A long bow and a strong bow,
And let the sky grow dark.
The nock to the cord, the shaft to the ear,
And a foreign king for a mark!

        -- Stolen from "The Song of the Bosonian Archers" --
               By Robert E. Howard, who should be
                 the patron saint of Ansteorra

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