ANST - Kingdom Warlord and Champion

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Mon Aug 3 06:07:45 PDT 1998

The Awards Given At Kingdom Warlord were as follows: 

Vivain Tornfalk
Llew yr Meilin
Elizabeth Hawkwood
Caelin Threlkeld
Timothy of Glastonbury
Afan Elystan

Sable Falcon
Fritz Der Rothisch
ViVaine Tornfalk

Sable Thistle
Phillip White (Dance)
Elin the Timid (Lacemaking)

Star of Merit
Mara of Rede
Stella Silvana

Centurian of the Sable Star
Airaklee Wolf
Almar Bjornklo

Sir Gunther Jonsson is the Kings Champion
Due to severe brain Baking I have forgotten the Name of the New Kingdom 
The one pound Block of Amber is being offered as a prize for 
Wiessenfeuer's Title Bard over Labor day weekend

Ld Darius of The Bells(really Gules is White!), Nautilus Persuviant        
Patriarch of Rising Thunder                       / \
Apprentice to Miestres Eowyn ferch Rhys           \_/
2nd Artisan of Dargons Fire Tor                   / \
Willing participant in the plot for self         /*-*\
glorification Via my automatic signature!       (     )

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