ANST - Kingdom Warlord and Champion

Alexis drwise at
Mon Aug 3 09:00:37 PDT 1998

Donald Riney wrote:
> The Awards Given At Kingdom Warlord were as follows:

> Due to severe brain Baking I have forgotten the Name of the New Kingdom
> Warlord

The New kingdom Warlord is Sir Aaron MacGregor.  I would like to add
that his victory in the tournament was achieved through both personal
skill with arms as well as good commanding.  There were times,
especially in the final bout, where his personal charges turned the tide
of battle as his team, following his instructions, performed as a
cohesive group.  All in all the title was well deserved.
As an aside, Sir Aaron came in as the western regional warlord, so
perhaps he had a little practice.
His Majesty expressed a desire to have all parts or the kingdom work
towards regional warlords by competition so that every region will match
the efforts of the north at next year's Gulf Wars.  So for everyone in
the areas that do not currently have titled warlords give thought to how
you might do this and be sure to get practice in at the melee events
coming up this fall season.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a shield wall;

Sir Alexis LaBouche

p.s. lets not lose the fort next year!
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