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Robert Brown wrote:
> I went to Barnes and Noble online, and found two books, The Book Of The
> Crossbow, and The Crossbow by the same author.  Can anyone tell me the
> difference between the content in the two?  Any help appreciated.
> Thanks
> Gorm

Are these both written by Payne-Gallway (I think that spellings close)?
These may be different editions of the same book. I seem to remember
comments about the recent version put out by (can't remember the name-
argh) in paperback does not have the appendix on siege engines.

The original volume has been reprinted several times and was fairly
expensive in hardback. I've seen it (and bought it) several times
as a remainder though. The original was written around the turn of
the century and is still the best book around on crossbows. Some
later authors though, who had access to X-ray machines, could examine
the inside of the bows and have corrected some of his errors.

For info on this book and others on crossbows, take a look at this
file in the ARCHERY section of my Stefan's Florilegium files:

crossbows-msg     (32K)  3/27/97    Period and SCA crossbows.

And this one in the ARCHERY-FAQ section:

crossbow-FAQ      (54K)  9/ 6/96    Crossbow history, definitions, construction.

My files are at:

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