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Tue Aug 4 11:50:52 PDT 1998

Alexis wrote:

> Greetings everyone:
> At Kingdom Warlord this weekend the topic of squires came up and aroused
> my curiousity as to a list of the current squires in the kingdom.  As
> usual,  I thought I would take the direct approach and just ask.  If you
> know of a squire, could you please let me know who they are, where they
> are and who they are squired to.  Thanks in advance.  Also, I don't know
> how curious everyone else is on this topic, so if it causes undesired
> clutter, I apologize in advance.
> Sir Alexis LaBouche

      I presently have taken no squires. I have a student that I will be
taking as a squire at the
next event we will both be going to.  Lord Tjorvy, English persona. He was
squired to Sir
Bonnan from Trimaris, recently moved to Blacklake.
    On a different note, do you want the other names of the squires that we
have here in the
shire and who they are squired to? Or do you just wish to contact all the
knights in Ansteorra?
I know of a squire up in Bonwicke that is squired to a Knight from the
Just wishing to clear things up, or did I just make it as clear as
Mississippi mud?

Sir Aaron

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