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Alexis drwise at
Wed Aug 5 11:56:44 PDT 1998

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.  For those who are curious
I have received info on 62 squires so far.  The breakdown by region

North- 21
South- 12
Coastal- 10
West- 5
Out of Kingdom\unknown- 3

perhaps this suggest why so many of our troops at gulf wars were from
the north?

to respond to Sir Aaron's questions:

> On a different note, do you want the other names of the squires that we have here in the shire and who they are squired to?

> Or do you just wish to contact all the knights in Ansteorra?

> I know of a squire up in Bonwicke that is squired to a Knight from the Outlands.
send me the info

> Just wishing to clear things up, or did I just make it as clear as Mississippi mud?
I'm professsionally trained to sort through the 'mud'.

my intention in asking the above questions is to get information on
current squiring practices and to provide a reference source for those
who are interested. I will put the info together when I'm done (I'll
take suggestions on the form of distribution).  Presumably, in squiring
individuals are exressing a desire to go a little further than the
average fighter so this can at least serve to bring to everyone's
attention those who are striving in your area.

As an additional question, I would be curious to find out what
percentage of squires are 'actively' working towards a white belt, i.e.
active on the tournament circuit, regular practice, maintaining a higher
profile through other activities (melee leadership, A&S, taking offices,
etc.)- just thinking out loud.

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