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> At Kingdom Warlord this weekend the topic of squires came up and aroused
>  my curiousity as to a list of the current squires in the kingdom.  As
>  usual,  I thought I would take the direct approach and just ask.  If you
>  know of a squire, could you please let me know who they are, where they
>  are and who they are squired to.  

Even thought Sir Burke forgot us ( and we're members of his own Barony), my
husband HL Ragnar Larsson and I are both squired to Hrabia William Miesko,
called Bear.  We have more squire brothers than I can keep track of.  Wilhelm
is about to be knighted at Pennsic, and Othar and Mu are both actively
fighting.  I'm sure I'll hear from the rest.

Sir Frederick von Sternvald, also a member of Wiesenfeuer, has no current

 I'm afraid that I can't remember at the moment all of Countess Cyf's squires,
but I'll check at the next practice on Thursday.  

HL Oriana Corbizzi
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