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Thu Aug 6 11:25:29 PDT 1998

>> At Kingdom Warlord this weekend the topic of squires came up and aroused
>>  my curiousity as to a list of the current squires in the kingdom.  As
>Even thought Sir Burke forgot us ( and we're members of his own Barony), my
>husband HL Ragnar Larsson and I are both squired to Hrabia William Miesko,
>called Bear.  We have more squire brothers than I can keep track of.  Wilhelm
>is about to be knighted at Pennsic, and Othar and Mu are both actively
>fighting.  I'm sure I'll hear from the rest.
>HL Oriana Corbizzi

I, too, am one of 13 squired to Hrabia William Miesko.
His squires are (in approximate order of Squiring):

Morgan Ironheart - Meridies 
Mu of Samarkan - Canton of Gates Edge, Stargate
Othar Morganson - Stargate
Aldebaron the Grey - Loch Soillier
Jonathan ap Morgan - Bryn Gwlad
Johannes der Lowen von Augsberg, called Lowen - Stargate
Kristrther Bjarnarson, called Kris Bjornsson - Stargate
Andrew de Saint Michel, called Scarhart - Stargate
Oriana Valentina Corbizzi - Wiesenfeuer
Erik Aethelwulf of Grimsby - Bonwicke
Wilhelm von Buch - Stargate
Vaclav Namatko, called Random - Stargate
Ragnar Larsson - Wiesenfeuer

I don't know their proper titles.

In fine Spirit
Ld. Vaclav Namatko

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