ANST - Gulf War transport, anyone?

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Fri Aug 7 01:07:16 PDT 1998

Don Dore wrote:

> I was talking with my travel agent the other day and he became quite
> interested in putting together a trip to Gulf War for us. The two
> options we discussed were:
> 1. A buss starts in San Antonio, goes up I35 to Dallas. Then we fly
> from Love field in Dallas to Hattiesburg. A buss takes us to the
> site (20 miles south, I think). 
> 2. A buss starts in Dallas, comes down I 35 to San Antonio and then
> out I10. The buss takes us all the way to the site.

Going to war on a bus can be fun.  Many years ago we had 52 people 
take a bus from Memphis TN to Pennsic 7.  There was room for all the 
stuff (we were there for a week).  We did fundraisers for a year in 
advance to defray costs.


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