ANST - Gulf War transport, anyone?

James Crouchet jtc at
Sun Aug 9 21:41:33 PDT 1998

On 9 Aug 98,, Amberglyph at wrote:

> Sounds like a great idea.  My husband and I would probably be  most
> interested in the bus from Dallas.  It's too early to firmly commit to a
> departure date.

Understand, that is the catch. I would have to have folks actually select and 
PAY something like 6 months in advance. Probably non-refundable (though you 
could send someone in your place). In exchange, we would get great prices 
and special service.

> Would there be a secure place to park our vehicles?

The buss would pick us up where we specify, so that would be according to 
where we chose. If someone could get their place of business to allow us to 
start there, that might do it.

> What would the limit be on cargo per person?

A lot. We have taken busses to war before and, because of large pavillions, 
armor bags and such we usually end up sending someone with a trailer to 
supplement what the buss can carry. That means the buss takes the vast 
majority, but there is often some overflow. You might want to send non-essential 
stuff with someone else, or not take the kitchen sink.

> Can this travel person arrange
> hotel space and rental vehicles on the other end if we decide to go that
> route?

Yes. BTW, his name is Randy and he works with Fantasy Travel in Austin, TX. 
I would not mind if anyone wanted to contact him, so long as you don't make 
any commitments in my name.

> Keep us posted and thanks.

You're welcome. I hope we get more responses.


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