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Tue Aug 11 13:21:59 PDT 1998

On 11 Aug 98, at 7:39, Fox Anton Purtill wrote:

> Don't know if you looked into this as an option, but have you spoken to
> the bus rental place about 'donating' the bus travel to the SCA as a tax
> write-off?  Since we are non-profit education any donations to the SCA are
> tax-deductable, so it IS possible they may be interested.  If this is the
> case the cost is rather moot.  Note that a current officer would have to
> do the actual paperwork for this to be valid.

not a bad idea at all ...

as an adjunct, why not also appraoch the truck rental companies with a 
similar spiel,  to donate rental of a large truck to serve as equipment 
transport for the people being hauled on the bus ...

alternately, setup a package deal cost = bus + share of truck (for those 
who need it).

even better if you can get the people interested in multiple "donations" 
thoughout the year (lot's of interesting remote war's out there ... at least 
Pennsic & Gulf).  pitch the "high attention" factor (equals free advertising) 
into the equation ... 


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