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That is true Fox.  When I did a feast this past May... I went to the grocery
stores and asked for any help. I managed to purchase some food items at their
cost.  It was a big help.
Some businesses require a 'tax letter'. This can be obtained from the seneschal
or the treasurer.  It takes a little extra work but the results are well worth


Fox Anton Purtill wrote:

> I can't check it out, I barely have time to check my e-mail these days.
> Someone else will have to get the honors for making this deal happen I'm
> afraid.
> Please, don't let something like this become "I thought HE/SHE was taking
> care of it", if you are able to try please do.  It has been my experience
> that multiple requests are better than none at all.
> This same idea (tax write-off for donation) goes a REAL LONG way for the SCA
> and I note we don't seem to use it much in Ansteorra.  It could be used to
> get sites, travel, equipment, textiles, and most anything else the GROUP
> will be using.  I stress group because it needs to be applied to everyone.
> An example of textiles might be for a baronial banner, or loaner garb that
> has no ownership, or even for auction at events as long as the proceeds go
> to the local group.  Anything donated can't be for a single person.
> Generally anyone can get donations, but any receipts need to be signed by an
> Officer of the local group and in some cases you will need the tax-exempt
> ID# of the SCA.  Records of the transaction need to go to the treasurer.
> > > the bus rental place about 'donating' the bus travel to the SCA as a tax
> > > write-off?
> >
> > No, but feel free to check that out. This bus thing isn't "mine,
> > mine, all mine"
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