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Jerry Herring wrote:

>         Is there any one out there who is willing to tell some stories about our
> Kingdoms past? If so please do...I know I enjoy them...I think knowing were
> we come from can help us see where we are going. (Did that sound to hokie? I
> hope not) So if you know some of the good old please share it with us...
> Ian

Take a look at this file in the SCA-STORIES section of my Stefan's Florilegium:

Anst-hist-msg     (97K) 11/ 3/97    Histories of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

If you would like to see the stories behind some of the other kingdoms, there
are similar files in this section about the other kingdoms.

For SCA history in general, try these files:

SCA-hist1-msg     (86K)  5/15/92    Msgs on the history of the SCA until 5/92. 
SCA-hist2-msg    (122K)  8/20/94    Msgs on the history of the SCA until 8/94.
SCA-hist3-msg     (81K)  8/30/96    Msgs on the history of the SCA.

Other files in this section that might be of interest include:

SCA-noteables-msg (18K)  3/24/97    20th century noteables in the SCA.
SCA-romance-msg   (36K)  3/17/98    SCA romances and meeting SOs in the SCA.
vanity-plates-msg (48K)  7/28/98    SCA vanity auto license plates.
you-know-msg      (90K)  8/13/97    You know you're in the SCA when...
placenames-msg   (142K)  3/27/98    Origins and meanings of SCA placenames.

My files can be found on the web at:

I am always looking for additional information to add to these files if anyone
has some more stories and histories.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
(Just back from a wonderful Pennsic 27!!!)
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