ANST - TaTa to Skwid

Evan Paul Langlinais skwid at
Sun Aug 16 16:50:44 PDT 1998

Just letting everyone know that this account will be going away sometime
in the next week or so.  I have enjoyed all of your wisdom, and most of
your ramblings as well.

Barring natural catastrophe, I will be at Defender of the Fort in
September, but if you need to get in touch with me sooner, send mail to
sweinnet at, and one of the brothers will get in touch with me.

Keep serving the Dream,

|   |   |\ | | | ) Theudegisklos "Skwid" Sweinbrothar of the order Teuthoidia
|/| |\  |/ | |X| ( SKWID, Vulture V4 pilot       (   The Humblest Mollusc
  | | | |  | | | ) Evan "Skwid" Langlinais       )        on the Net
"BOO!"--The Man in Gray           

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