ANST - Ballistas

Casey&Coni cjw at
Fri Aug 21 00:53:46 PDT 1998

I believe the maximum draw weight for a bow in IKAC is around 50lbs (so that
the targets dont get shredded) but I could be wrong.

Both Gilli and Talon of Blackoak are on this list and can likely tell you
for certain.


>You misunderstand my question.  I am not speaking of a combat ballista.
>I am speaking of a full strength ballista.  One that operates on the
>same principle as the full strength bows and crossbows in IKAC.  Since
>it is very much akin in function and operation to the crossbows that it
>spawned, I would like to use it in IKAC.  Would it be considered as just
>a big muckin crossbow?

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