ANST - Re: The Lion stands (pennsic battle)

G.R.Rhine PenGwen at
Fri Aug 21 02:23:17 PDT 1998

> >      There were 11 of us in the first battle, We lost 3 before the start of
> > the last battle.  HL Johnthon injured his ankle during the first battle so was
> > unable to fight anymore,much to his chagrin, I haven't a clue were the other 2
> > fighters went.
> When the call for "How many Ansteorran warriors be here?" went up, I waved
> and was accounted in the tally, so I'm mystery Ansteorran number 7. I'm
> not sure who number 8 was, but more glory to him or her, and may they
> speak up and be recorded in the annals of history.
> Twenty-four Confed warriors by our count, and if you find out 
> who the
> other Ansteorran was, please let me know so that all who stood in glorious
> defiance may have their names enshrined in the monument that a
> stone-cutter artisan is planning to place on the battlefield. 

I know Lord Llew Mailin fought in both battles that day.  As a 
warrior of Ansteorra, as the Knight Marshal of the Incipient Canton 
of Glaslyn, and (most importantly from my perspective *grin*) for my 
honor, he was brave, and proud to wear the Black Star that told the 
Known World he is Ansteorran.

I'll say it again... That's my man! *grin*

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