ANST - archery question (answer?)

Keith Hood keith_dell at
Fri Aug 21 12:02:11 PDT 1998

>in a post related to ballista's earlier today, i noted that someone 
>a 50# upper limit on bows used in the official target competitions ... 
did not 
>think that bow poundage was restricted, only types of arrow points 
>true / false ????

I just went up and looked at the rules for the IKAC and IKCAC.  (The URL 

For the IKAC (target shooting), there is no weight limit on bows or 
crossbows.  There are weight limits in the IKCAC (combat shooting).

There is an Ansteorran combat archery rule which says that 50 pounds is 
the weight limit for a bow used with golf tube arrows.


A long bow and a strong bow,
And let the sky grow dark.
The nock to the cord, the shaft to the ear,
And a foreign king for a mark!

        -- Stolen from "The Song of the Bosonian Archers" --
               By Robert E. Howard, who should be
                 the patron saint of Ansteorra

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