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Fri Aug 21 07:28:55 PDT 1998

No inch pound limmet on crossbows see prior post. There are time limmets on
the ends so that if a bow is too heavy you have problems getting off
suffecient arrows but if you want to shoot a 250 lbs draw crossbow that you
have to use a windlass to cock you can if the range master will let you.
Head designe has as much to do with target shredding and bow weight may be more 
>I believe the maximum draw weight for a bow in IKAC is around 50lbs (so that
>the targets dont get shredded) but I could be wrong.
>Both Gilli and Talon of Blackoak are on this list and can likely tell you
>for certain.
Plachoya Sobaka a humble archer in Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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