ANST - archery question (answer?)

j'lynn yeates jyeates at
Fri Aug 21 12:34:32 PDT 1998

On 21 Aug 98, at 12:02, Keith Hood wrote:

> I just went up and looked at the rules for the IKAC and IKCAC.  (The URL
> is
> For the IKAC (target shooting), there is no weight limit on bows or 
> crossbows.  There are weight limits in the IKCAC (combat shooting).
> There is an Ansteorran combat archery rule which says that 50 pounds is
> the weight limit for a bow used with golf tube arrows.

ahhhh, i think i was confusing IKAC and IKCAC (was not overly familiar with 
the latter acronym) ... in that light the comments make sense.
any suggestions of sources of fiberglass combat bows in the mongol style 
(have seen a few over the years) at maximum allowed combat poundage 
???? .. would like to develop one set of gear in the same style for combat 
and target use 

also seeking references for decent back quivers (illustrations / patterns 
would be good enough ....)


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