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Fri Aug 21 12:45:50 PDT 1998

Greetings to anyone of Barony of Raven's Fort

My name is Mistress Rayah Blackstar, and I'm the instigating working
editor of the Ansteorran Kingdom Scribal Handbook, which will go online
WHEN fully checked over and approved by the Star Principal Herald and
the Star Signet.  Right now, it's getting closer and closer to being
done due to the efforts of many folks articles, help and advice.

Barony of Raven's Fort has no web page that I can find, or email
contacts. I work with computer for communication-i hate long distance
phone bills.
Anyone from Raven's Fort, would you please ask the question of the
Baronial Herald and the Baron and Baroness about your baronial service

Order of the Raven's Heart
Award of Arms
Badge: A raven's head erased contourny sable, holding in it's beak a
heart gules
Insignia: NONE KNOWN

1. Is there insignia for your award? what is it?
2. Is there scribal text for your award? what is it?

Please email answers to me for the kingdom scribal book at:

peerage1 at

I would sure hate to see someone pull up information on Raven's Fort
scroll text and see only a picture of a badge and description, when many
of the other baronies have all this neat scroll text, what is the
insiginia to wear etc.etc.

Thank you for your time and effort in advance..

In paperchains,
Mistress Rayah Blackstar
Demented Editor of ASH
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