ANST - Ansteorran Kingdom Rapier Practice

Wayne Ross courtier at
Wed Aug 26 20:30:38 PDT 1998

I just wanted to hop on a soapbox long enough to say thank you very much to the 52 fighters, and the dozen or so non-combat participants at the fighter practice this past weekend. I achieved my goal, which was to work with people that I had never done so before with. Thank you to Mary of the Steppes, and the barony, for keeping liquids flowing thru our bodies. THank you to Brian Aaron Cameron and Vittoria Maria Squarcialupi di Castellina for co-hosting this thing with me.
Another practice is in the works already. To encourage a bigger turnout, I am giving my word, on my honor, that the next Kingdom Rapier Practice will have cooler weather.
End of soapbox.
Ld. Duncan Hepburn, AQR
Cadet to Don Sebastian eton Frobishire
Rapier Marshal
Barony of the Steppes, Ansteorra
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