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Subject:  Violett le Duc's Encyclopedie Medievale
Go to this web site and you can order it from there, at a sensible 
price also their European titles.
Their Books from France section:
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Look under Encyclopedie Medievale
search summary produces:

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The FF-prices are valid for France. You can ask the bookseller for 
the price in DM, sFr, öS included delivery costs.

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The Encyclopedie Medievale by Viollet le Duc reprinted by

Inter-Livres in France in 1993. The French printer didn't like to put 
decent information on the title pages so I'll give you the bar code 
number and the impression information from the last page. The originals
were printed in the 1800s. 9 782878 300338

Achev'e d'imprimer en aout 1993 dans les ateliers de Normandie Roto

Impression s.a. a' Lonrai (61250) - No d'imprimeur : 13-15000.

D'epot l'egal : aout 1993.


This is huge and consists of two huge volumes bound into one, each was

about 720 pages, or about 1440 total, with about 4000 illustrations.


The majority of the two volumes in one are architectural renderings

of things medieval in France, but they also include armor, costume,

tools, furniture, weapons, feast gear, saddles, stirrups, barding, etc.

It is a massive work done by a number of artists. You've been looking
at illustrations from it in many newer books for years.

This book was written in the mid 1800's by Viollet le Duc, who restored
Notre Dame, Carcassone, and other French monuments. While many would
argue with his methods and results, it did preserve the structures after
centuries of neglect.

I asked a friend in England to let me know if she ever saw the book for
sale over there to let me know as I knew other folks would love the
resource. Today I got the email. (Thanks Mel.)
The last time I saw it for sale here it was from Scholar's Bookshelf, 
which often sells French Medieval books (in french). It cost about $125 
then. That was a couple of years ago. for military books and videos to request a variety of

different kinds of catalogs including fine arts and literature.

or to email - books at

I can recommend these folks highly. I am not affiliated.
M. Magnus Malleus, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia, and the GDHorde
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