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Wed Jul 1 11:34:25 PDT 1998

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Tim Lozos wrote:
>However, IMHO, the biggest benefit would be that these kids would learn
>honor and chivalry with a little help from their folks. Which would you
>rather have your kids do, play in SCA combat, or play little league
>baseball? (with all those crazy parents who scream at the coach, at their
>kid, and everyone else)

I'll have to disagree with Timo here...  I think that the biggest benefit
would be to the PARENTS!  As someone who is (ab)used to take the load off
of my sister, let me tell you!  It's nice to know that she's getting a
break and I get to run the little crumb critter ragged for a few hours.
She's still not old enough to wrench on the motorcycle, but she loves
piggyback rides and playing in the pool! :)

Back in the Outlands (at least in my ex-shire) we had childrens events
scheduled at all of our events.  They worked out real well for the kids
and the parents.

SCA day care!  Heh!

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