ANST - Re: ANST (Authenticity in Armor)

D Whitford horoun at
Wed Jul 1 12:02:18 PDT 1998

AuroraeB at wrote:
> think it is a good idea to have tabards, surcotes, etc... to cover the
> mundanities.  Being a spectator, it is often distracting to see one fighter in
> full period armor go against a fighter in the jeans/duct-tape/neon hockey pads
> look.  Unless the surcotes hinder or otherwise prove to be a hazard in
> fighting, I think it is a good and relatively inexpensive solution to ragtag
> armor.

Another possibility to overly push on those who are just doing good to
get in armor would be to go the other direction and look into
establishing a "tourney company" like in the west and east where the
look seems to be first andforemost in order to create that "moment".
Just a thought.
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