ANST - long distance apprentices (was squire/knight)

Wed Jul 1 13:12:07 PDT 1998

Thorgrim and Alastair,

I didn't know it was a competition, but I concede both of you see your peer
(laurel/knight) less than I see my laurel <G>.  But I think once a year
qualifies as "occasional" <G>.


I never said it was easy <G>.  It's certainly not for everyone.  I think it
was most difficult when I was still wrestling with basic jewelry work, I found
it very hard to explain problems when I ran into them, and often had even more
trouble understanding some of the explanations.  And unfortunately, some of my
technical questions, no one I knew here could answer.

OTOH, you don't always have to learn from your laurel.  Besides Ansteorrans,
I've gotten help with gardening research from individuals in the Middle, the
East, Trimaris and, I think, Calontir.  One of those individuals copied
materials and mailed them to me, a complete stranger, then refused to let me
reimburse her.  It's amazing the number of individuals like that that the SCA
has attracted, people who will exert themselves for someone that they will
probably never meet, from the love of what they're doing and from an amazingly
generous spirit.

Raisya Khorivovna
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