ANST - How to involve young folk:

Wed Jul 1 13:17:52 PDT 1998

If this can be worked out, I know my teenager would enjoy this.  I do think
there will need to be some thought given to the possibility of substituting
another adult.  I can see half the kids being withdrawn from a tourney because
the crowns decided to call a peer circle at the same time.

I'm against having boffer tourneys for the kids under 12, though.  As a
parent, I would have concerns about self-control and restraint from most of
the younger kids, among other things.  Perhaps for them, an activity involving
running around an obstacle course with a boffer sword, with obstacles that
involve things like knocking a sand bag off a post.  I'm not a fighter, but
I'm sure the obstacles could even be planned to help kids learn basic shots.
And this would have the added advantage of burning off a lot of energy <G>.

There are a lot of things for teenagers, though, and not just service
activities.  I've seen teenagers participating in A&S, and dance, bardic,
classes, and archery as well. I think, more than the bar on fighting, the
problem is a general lack of respect for teenagers, for their abilities and
their work.  I've seen a lot of effort to correct this in Stargate, but it
will take a conscious effort by many of us to change this.

Raisya Khorivovna
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