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Mark.S Harris rsve60 at
Wed Jul 1 11:22:43 PDT 1998

John Yates wrote: 
>    I appreciate the input and helpful advice from gentles n the list
> regarding Cuirre Boille and Period Glue....hmmmmmm
>    Where was I? Oh, yes, asking for more help. I seem to remember a
> recent thread about shields that included some comments about aluminum
> ones. Can anybody give me a tip on what thickness of aluminum to have
> cut?
>    Valstarr

I'm not sure if the answer to your specific question is in there or not,
but you should find some other useful info in this file in the COMBAT
section of my Florilegium files:

shields-msg       (72K)  6/26/98    SCA and period shields.

As you can see, I have recently updated this file. The new version
should be at the website within the next week or so. The glue-msg
file will also be updated then.

My files are at:

Any other areas of interest? Perhaps I've got files for them, too.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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