ANST - How to involve young folk- attn Legal Eagles and Parents

Kristin Lott kmlott at
Wed Jul 1 17:36:22 PDT 1998

> > This may require petitions or surveys or I-don't-know-what.  I
> > have no clue what type of response this is going to get, but I see the same
> > gaping hole that Ulrica does and I'd like to try to do something about it.
> You'd probably want to do some polling in the Kingdom at large, and for sure
> a survey to each MoC for input.  I would think that would be where you would
> get your best respondants.

Greetings to the list!  I am coming out of cloaking mode to put in a few
words here.  First of all my name is Annabel Kincaid and I am the
Steppes MOC as well as Central Regional MOC.  I for one have been asking
this same question over and over.  I put in for KMOC and if I had been
selected, already planned on discussing this with the Crowns.  From any
boffer tourney I've ever seen, and I helped with one at this past Gulf
War, the kids have a great time and the entire tourney was very well
organized and supervised.  I think this would be a great way to provide
the older kids with something to do.  Besides the nurse in me cringes
everytime I see older kids outside of the children's activites area
going at it with sticks they broke off of a tree.

In service the future and the dream,
Ly Annabel Kincaid
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