ANST - tangent on rider/warrior thread

Athena mbaxter at
Wed Jul 1 16:39:22 PDT 1998

I guess I didn't make my point as clear as I wanted.  It would be nice, on an
individual basis in the mundane world, if people in the SCA belonged to Big
Brothers/Sisters.  What I wanted to convey was possibly doing something in
conjunction with that group (i.e.- a demo or workshop).  We have helped out Toys
for Tots in our area before, I am sure there are groups out there that would
appreciate someone showing young people that there is something else to life
besides being in the streets.

ulrica wrote:

> I am a school counselor and I would have to think VERY carefully about that.
> It is a major committment from the men and ladies involved.  You have to
> sign up for like 2 years and agree to see your student once a
> week...providing all the $$ involved.  I set them up all the time thru that
> agency and the vast majority don't last six months before throwing up their
> hands.  Don't mean to be a wet blanket, just truthful.
> Ulrica
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