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ulrica ulrica at
Wed Jul 1 19:29:35 PDT 1998

Timo wrote:

"Overall, kids in the SCA are some of the best behaved and most courteous
that I've seen. Lets not loose them just because they're bored."

I couldn't agree more!  Many of the children I have met in the SCA are some
of the most intelligent I have ever had the privilege to to know.
Unfortunately, as in our school systems, we often use the wrong methods.  We
know we can trust them and that they are capable of doing lots, so we OVERDO
on the responsibility aspect.  How often do we see the older kids with 6 or
7 younger ones in tow....patiently being a jungle gym or sheepherder?  They
need activities that are geared for them and they should be allowed to
attend WITHOUT their younger siblings!

One step further...we need more awards for them!  My 13 year old already has
his may be a looong time before he gets another award.  Why
couldn't we have special achievements for them?  What do you all think?
Wasn't there a merit badge type project in the works at one time?


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